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LA BOHÈME - Les flocons de neige des derniers souffles 2023 /

4 représentations / Opéra of Nice / FRANCE

Puccini – Musical director Daniele Callegari - Artistic director Kristian Frédric Opéra of Nice  MAI 2023


"This new Bohemia also convinces with a meticulous direction of actors, full of game finds, however never invasive, of a perfect coherence. In addition to the rigorous treatment of the main characters of the drama, as it should be, the staging does not abandon any other. (...) The flawless dramatic commitment of the singers, whom without a bulb we can say actors, promotes this strong achievement.

Anaclase - par Bertrand bolognesi

ALIÉNOR - 2021 / World creation / 3 représentations / Opéra of Limoges / FRANCE

Alain Voirpy's opera – Musical director Daniel Kawka - Librettiste Alain Voirpy and Kristian Frédric - Artistic director Kristian Frédric - Limoges's opera  JUIN 2021


The scenic production only calls for praise as it is stunning (see technical teams opposite). Eleanor's promontory in the museum serves both as a throne room and as the step of a temple where the faces of spirituality will come to crown the queen with her attributes. The lights and 3D production that populate this marmoreal decor are astounding, such as the arrival of the crowned shadow of Henri II, gigantic and which obscures the entire set before Jérôme Boutillier emerges from the decor. Finally, the costumes amaze: they evoke both a Middle Ages fantasized by the public today, they represent with great irony the visitors, veiled or made up as rebellious teenagers. The actresses mobilized for the occasion have a remarkable stage presence, in the forefront of which Marie Vanhonnacker who plays Norah, the young freedom-loving guide who will imagine herself in the guise of Aliénor.

Forum Opéra Par Yannick Boussaert

FANDO ET LIS - 2018 / World creation / 3 représentations / Opéra of Saint-Etienne / FRANCE

Benoît Menut's opera – Musical director Daniel Kawka - Librettist and artistic director Kristian Frédric - Opéra de Saint-Etienne – According to the eponym work of Fernando Arrabal -  MAI 2018


In the libretto adaptation, and in the staging that he also signs, Kristian Frédric strives to highlight the beauty of the surviving beings in an unsightly world. He finds delicate forms of expression, almost humanistic despite the very violent general climate marked by a few cadaver scenes with explicit horror. From time to time, with or without irony, you’ll find men with splendid crows’ masks (made by the great specialist Kuno Schlegelmilch). (…)In any case, the journey is rewarding and could be included in the repertoire of great new works of the 21st century. 

ANACLASE - By François Cavaillès 


LES LABOURS DE LA SOUFFRANCE - 2017 / 8 representations / Opera national du Rhin / Strasbourg - Mulhouse / FRANCE

Pietro Mascagni and Leoncavallo – Musical director Daniele Callegari - Director artictic Kristian Frédric - Opéra national du Rhin de Strasbourg – JUIN 2017


“Cinecittà at the opera - If Godard said that “cinema is the childhood of art”, Kristian Frédric shows us children who become adults, or adults who become old, since, Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci take place at the same place, but not at the same time. (…) the actor direction turns his back on simplicity: this profusion of details, zooms and reverse angle shot pointing out again and again the acuity of a camera, the characters never come out overwhelmed but revealed, or at least designed with precision that would not deny some great directors.”

Forum Opera - By Clément Taillia

QUAI OUEST - 2014 / World creation/ 6 représentations / Opera national du Rhin / Strasbourg / FRANCE

QUAI WEST - 2015 / 8 représentations / Staatstheater Nürnberg ALLEMAGNE

Régis Campo's opera - Librettist Kristian Frédric and Florence Doublet According to the eponym work of Bernard Marie Koltès - Director artistic Kristian Frédric

We were captivated by the power of this subtle staging in the brutality of its colors, declining wonderfully the nuances of night.

Classique News - By Pedro-Octavio Diaz


Great cinemas, on big screen, sometimes in color, sometimes in black and white, with a fine and delicate production.

L’Alsace – By Anne Suply


Kristian Frédric’s intense production, who also did the libretto with Florence Doublet, gives a very good reproduction of the sharp lyrical writing of Bernard-Marie Koltès. Perpetually redesigned according to the thirty “sequences” of the opera, the decor designed by Bruno de Lavenère for Quai Ouest encloses characters in a strange dance of the dead.

Concert Classic – By Jean-Guillaume Lebrun

ORPHÉE ET EURYDICE - 2010 / 48 représentations / Staatstheater Nürnberg ALLEMAGNE

Glück's opera -  Directors artistic Andreas Baesler (Allemagne), Carlo Cerciello (Italie) et Kristian Frédric (France).

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